We want you to have a personable client experience. 


Property Developers, Freehold & Management Company Directors

We are proud to be working with many residential property developers in and around London, assisting them wherever we can from a very early stage. 

- we can share opinion on leases

- produce a service charge budget for prospective buyers

- interior design

- offer help with block management matters


Once we are appointed as Managing Agents, we strive to provide a high level of quality maintenance, in order to meet the expectation of your leaseholders and residents. All maintenance is undertaken under highest industry-standard control measures by vetted contractors recommended by unbiased feedback.


We also abide by current Health & Safety rules and regulations, as well as any relevant local authority rules. 


Estates are inspected regularly. We are also available to meet clients/leaseholders/residents on site - by appointment - reinforcing our work ethic to bring you a more personable hands-on experience.

Our financial reports are detailed and thorough, but at the same time they are customer-friendly and easy to understand.


The contractors we use at our managed sites are put through a rigorous recruitment exercise to ensure the selected contractor is the best fit for the job.

We have put in place an intuitive system that facilitates:


 Prompt service charge 


Ground rent collection 


Dispatch leaseholder information packs


Alteration consents 


Renewal of

insurance policies. 

Robust control measures and inspection of minor works are carried out throughout the period of a project to ensure a quality standard is delivered from start to finish.

We'd love for you to